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Collection Part 1 - Non-round watches (DX and LM)

Collection Part 1 - Non-round watches (DX and LM)

In order to impose some order on myself and my collection, I thought I would post some brief selections trying to keep each post within a common theme. I will also try to add some comments and information, mostly stolen from earlier posts on the Seiko & Citizen watch forum. I have not been very cautious with my statements (so a lot is guesses and assumptions) as also incorrect statements tend to bring out a correction, which leads to further knowledge. Any comments and additional info is seriously welcomed.

To avoid making the same references all the time, these sources should always be in the back of your mind;
The movement table;>
Isthmus Sub-brands;>
Kevins history;>

To start things off, a trio of 5606s.

A 5606-5011, 23j from September 1976.

Another 5606-5011, 25j from March 1973.

And another 5606-5010, 25j from May 1969.

The obvious research starting point for any 5606 is Randalls post> which really covers most of the technical details.

Of the watches above, only one has a working quick set. From an ebay standpoint, 5606 are very common and a month or two of looking would provide a nice one for about USD 75 (but perhaps not with a working quick-set). The 5606 was put in a lot of different cases, both general dress and the more 70s style colorful ones, and seems to be the standard medium grade movement during the early 70s. There seems to be no particular difference in price or rarity between the 23j and 25j versions. I am a bit partial to the oval cases, especially where they have not been over-polished (you can see that there is a polished, a medium and a non-polished above. These watches were often provided with a mesh bracelet as original, which is a really good choice.

Moving on, we have a bunch of DXs (hopefully, Isthmus will jump in here to contribute some DX knowledge). Top one does not have a DX label but I have seen identical DXs so we will just bunch it with the DXs.

A 6309-5030 from June 1978.

A 6106-5009 from March 1970.

A 6106-5467 from May 1973.

Trying to characterise the DX range is probably trying to chew off a bit too much and I have not seen any attempts to try to summarise it more than Aaron noting in a post that DX is a deluxe range which started off as a higher tier to the Seiko 5s where the deluxe part is a hack feature. DXs seem to start around 1967 as 5DXs and run into the late 70s. DXs are very numerous and the early ones have 6106A and 6106B calibers both in 17j and 25j versions. Later ones get the 6309 caliber which is marked in the movement table a export only. I have a feeling that DXs in general were more for the American than the Japanese market. For the collector, there is a DX to fulfil every need. They are commonly "paired" with the LMs and 5606 and a have seen a lot of examples where you have a both a DX and a LM with similar cases and dials. For really good examples, check a few of Isthmus posts. Price wise (again ebay based), they are all over the place and there are often good picks around the USD 30-40 level if you keep an eye out but tend to overlap quite a lot with LM prices running upwards of USD 80 for good shape things.

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