Sunday, October 29, 2006

Collection Part 3 - Seikomatics

This is more or less the core of my collection. Seiko has now gotten up to speed with the technical quality of their calibers and produces some of the best watches from 1962 to 1965 (even if I think their design has better periods).

Useful info on the different calibers from Dons medium/high quality caliber summary is here;

Everything you need to know and more (at least if you know Japanese) is in the Seikomatic Archives. The archives are especially detailed on these watches and contains detailed info on every variant, dial, text and caliber. If you check the separate page for each caliber, do not miss the archives (link at the end of each page) which has pics of every variant ever existing (I think).

If you do not know Japanese, Kevins summary is good for checking the development and relationship between the calibers.

Seikomatics are Seikos first broadly marketed automatics (but not the first as at least the Gyro Marvel and probably at least one more caliber predated it) starting in 1960. The first Seikomatic, the 6201 (or 603) was based on the Liner 3140 caliber.

Seikomatic history page is here;

Essentially the Seikomatic runs in two families, the 62XX series and 83XX series (See Kevins summary for more info). To do the easy part first, the 8305;

A Slimdate 8305 caliber from December 1964.

The 83XX calibers are technically very advanced and they have a feature which I do not recognise from any other Seiko caliber. The little wheel at the top says "Winding - 1OT= 24h".

To go on with the 62XX series, we have the 394 and the 395 calibers (also known as 6205 and 6216). Movement table has the 395 as quick set but not the 394 but there is no difference in that respect beween my watches. 395 hacks but not the 394.

Here are the Seikomatic pages for the 394 and 395;>>

A 394 caliber from 1963 approx.

A 395 39j from 1964 approx.

A 400/6206/XX from 1963-65.

My 400 is a bit of a mix and match. The main part of the caliber and the rotor comes from a 400 but the winding bridge is a 6206.

A 6218 from 1965. The 6218 has been highly praised by Don and others as a GS for not so much money. This one is in very good shape and I think Seiko uses its heavier gold plating on these as wear is much less than on other plated watches I have.

A 6206 from 1965. Slightly below the 6218 qualitywise is the 6206. Still a very nice watch a high quality caliber.

A 603 from 1964. I did a separate post in this watch just a few weeks ago when I bought it.

And to finish off, you should not miss the finest collection of Seiko dials ever made.

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