Sunday, October 29, 2006

Collection Part 4 - Sportsmatics

Sportsmatics are roughly parallell in age to the Seikomatics in the previous post but seem to hold out a bit longer, possible to about 1967. They are made by both Daini and Suwa. Sportsmatics come in all kinds of calibers like the early 6601s and 6605s but are most common with 76XX calibers starting about 1964. Sportsmatics are mostly a lever or two below Seikomatics qualitywise with most calibers being 17j. The exceptions are the deluxe Sportsmatics with 23j and 25j 7605, 7606 and 7619 calibers. The most common Sportsmatic is probably the 17j 7625.

From the collecting perspective, I am not that exited by the Sportsmatics except for the 7619 and the 7606 calibers because of the separate quick set crown on both of these calibers (I am a real sucker for anything with more than one crown). The 7619 seems to replace the 7606 in the line up about 1965.

You can probably find a Sportsmatic any day of the week on ebay. Prices for the non-deluxe tend to be around USD 40-60 and for the deluxes USD 70-90.

As usual, check Kevins summary for more on history;

A 7619 caliber from 1965.

A 7606 caliber from 1965.

A 7625 caliber from 1967.

Probably a 6601 caliber from 62-64.

A 820/7625 from 64-66.

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