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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Alpinist – The Summit of Seiko Branding

This is an update and resurrection of an article published on the GMT+9 blog, the best Seiko blog on the net, sadly killed by hackers.

Evening snow at Kanbara by Hiroshige – Picture Credit:
The Alpinist name is, at least for collectors outside of Japan, one of the most recognizable Seiko brands.  As you know, Japan is a land full of mountains.  The outdoorsman culture is heavily ingrained in the Japanese mind.  In his classic article on the Seiko Alpinist — here reprinted with permission at Yeomans site  — Seiya Kobayashi linked these thoughts together into the yama-otoko or mountain man.  This man and his need for a rugged watch was supposedly the inspiration for the creation of the Seiko Alpinist series.  In his article, Seiya paints the picture of an intrepid mountain walker with his trusted Seiko watch and his lunch box.  However, there is also another side to this story.

This is another yama-otoko or Giant Mountain Man pictured above from a 19th century Hokusai sketch.  In this depiction we see a more brooding, spooky figure dominating his surroundings and keeping the villagers in check.  Could this yama-otoko have been the inspiration for the first Alpinist?  To me, the answer is yes as I see the Laurel Alpinist conveying a darker side of things in contrast to the modern mountain boy scout image Seiya portrayed.

Getting back to the main theme of this article and the history of the Seiko Alpinist brand, let’s look at the first watch to be marked with the Alpinist logo.  Introduced in 1961 with a price of JPY 4,500 (compared to a standard Laurel at JPY 3,900) it was available with black or white dials.  Mechanically, this is a fairly low end 17j handwind and is essentially a normal Laurel sold with a special Alpinist bund strap and logos.

Picture Credit: Seiko Museum Book series
The first Alpinist versions had plain Laurel caseback engravings but did use a waterproof screwback case which was also available in some of the sportier Marvels.

The next Alpinist was produced under the Champion series.  Its 1963 release leads us to believe that this watch was an invention of the Daini marketing department to gain  traction for the Champion line of watches.  The chronology of the different variants is a bit uncertain here, but I think this pictured version was the first.
Picture Credit: Yahoo Japan
This first version came with a plain caseback and was somewhat quaintly labelled as “rainproof”; certainly adequate for any mountain climber.

The next version of the Champion 850 added a more elaborate dial with 24h markings.  It was available both in goldplate and SS versions.  The SS version having both the silver dial pictured below and another with the black and silver colours reversed.  It was originally released with both lumed hands and hour markings but, as with a lot of these lower quality Seikos, the lume tended to go black or dry out and fall off.  Most, if not all Champion Alpinists had these lumed sword style hands.

Here is the goldplated version from 1964 showcasing a more traditional dial. This one is also called the 85899 using the earlier Seiko 5-digit system.

The update of the Champion Alpinist also meant a new caseback.  This is the first appearance of the Alpinist Mountain logo and one of the first Seikos to have an adorned caseback; a tradition later continued with all kinds of waves, fish and sea lions. This caseback uses a stamped print.  As far as I know, this caseback was only available on the SS versions.
Picture Credit: Seiko Museum Book series

The gold Champion Alpinist, as well as later versions of the SS Alpinist, used an etched caseback, which was cheaper to produce but more sensitive to wear.

The Champion Alpinist was sold for a few years up until the mid 60s.  After that, we wait until 1995 for the next appearance of the Alpinist brand in a Seiko lineup.  The new watch, introduced as part of the Prospex line, used the excellent 4S15 28,800 bph automatic caliber.  This Prospex Alpinist also introduced us to the inner bezel compass and the 4 o’clock crown; features which have been seen on all Alpinists since then.  The 4S15 Alpinist was available with black, cream and green dials.  This watch was produced only for two years and has become one of the more popular modern Seiko’s for collectors.
This Seiko manual shows how to use the compass.

The 4S15 Alpinist was also made in a South East Asian version under the Sports 200 series.  Although there is no Alpinist logo on the dial or caseback, it is otherwise identical.  As with the Japanese release, the Sports 200 was, in addition to the black and cream dials also available in a rare green dialed version which later reappeared in the 6R15 Alpinists.  This watch seems to have been produced until at least 1997 and is usually cheaper then the 4S15 with the Alpinist logos.

The mountain logo is present on the Alpinist version.

But the Sports 200 version uses the Seiko wave.

The Alpinist brand followed the times and was next seen in 2003 with the release of a perpetual quartz watch using the 8F56 caliber.  This lineup consisted of two versions of the standard Alpinist cream dials as well as black.  The inner bezel compass was also used.

A more interesting version of the 8F56 Alpinist is the SSASS special edition produced in a limited series of 500 to support the Japanese-American mountaineer Ken Noguchi and his Seven Summits Actions for Sustainable Society (or SSASS) project.  SSASS was/is an environmental group led by Ken Noguchi and his team who have climbed the seven highest summits in the world (Kosciusczko version as they climbed Mt Kosciusczko rather than the Carstensz Pyramid).  The aim of SSASS is to create awareness of the mountains of garbage that have accumulated on these mountains.
Ken Noguchi supposedly brought back 8 tons of garbage from one of his Mt Everest expeditions.  The blue green colour of the SSASS dial was chosen because it is the official colour of the SSASS project.  The unique colour is representative of the sky and the seas.  The sponsoring of Noguchi follows the Seiko tradition of supporting adventurers like Naomi Uemura and the Landmaster series of watches.

The 8F56 uses the traditional mountain logo on the caseback. The only difference between the SSASS and the normal version is the limited edition numbering.

The next edition in the Alpinist series appeared in 2006 with the introduction of the 6R15 models.  The then current models consist of the SARB013, SARB015 and SARB017 with the SARB017 still in the lineup as one of the longest serving Seiko models.  While still keeping the tradition black and cream dials, we also get the green dialed version.  The compass dial and Mercedes hands are still present on the cream and green models, but the black dialed version uses a more modern hand design.  This watch is still in production and available at prices of about JPY 35-40,000.

The caseback design is familiar from the previous editions.

The latest, but hopefully not the last Alpinists were introduced in 2009 with the SARB059 and the SARB061. A bit bigger than previous versions they are still using the Seiko mid-range 6R15 caliber and have a mix of traditional Alpinist attributes with the compass bezel and the emergency signals on the dial.

No Alpinist markings on the dial but with the now standard stylised mountain on the caseback.

Finally, a group shot of all of my Alpinists.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Full Collection Post (711 pics)

Collection updated with purchases until April 2015.

- martin

Pre 1945

th_Laurel.jpg th_Seiko24Hcase.jpg th_SKS815j.jpg th_SKS808.jpg Photobucket Photobucket

Post 1945

th_ChronometerOld1174Medium.jpg th_SeikoSMedium.jpg th_Caliber10B.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo Military_zps06d6505a.jpg  photo SeikoshaMystery_zpsmchjg28g.jpg


th_Automatic.jpg  photo AutoPR2_zpsuo1zh3qe.jpg  photo AutoPR3_zps8qt3c2jz.jpg


th_Super12059Medium.jpg th_SuperNivaflexMedium.jpg th_SuperSOldMedium.jpg  th_SuperS13025.jpg th_SuperAutoDator.jpg Photobucket  photo SuperSecondTrack_zps7cfv2okb.jpg


th_UniqueS14055.jpg th_Unique150237.jpg th_UniqueMedium.jpg


th_CronosJ14028GF.jpg th_CronosJ14021GF.jpg th_Cronos14038Medium.jpg th_CronosJ14021Medium.jpg th_CronosJ14021SSMedium.jpg th_Cronos15030D.jpg th_CronosJ14023.jpg th_CronosSeaHorseJ13032.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo J14107ECronosSpecialFinish_zps37bf6675.jpg  photo CronosArabic_zpsnug5pznw.jpg

Cronos Selfdater and Cronos Special

th_CronosSelfdaterMedium.jpg th_CronosSelfDater.jpg th_CronosSpecialMedium.jpg th_CronosSpecial15033.jpg


th_Marvel17jGMedium.jpg th_Marvel13067Medium.jpg th_Marvel14041Medium.jpg th_MarvelGameMedium.jpg th_MarvelJ14010RiceMedium.jpg th_MarvelJ14004.jpg th_Marvel.jpg Photobucket  photo MarvelMystery_zpsec8a260d.jpg  photo 14063Marvel_zps6993495b.jpg  photo SMarvel14025_zpsir9pwsu4.jpg

Gyro Marvel

th_GyroMarvelJ14051-1.jpg th_GyroMarvelMedium.jpg th_GyroMarvel.jpg  photo GyroMarvel14081_zpsg3cgskkl.jpg

Lord Marvel / 36000

th_LordMarvelOldMedium.jpg th_LordMarvel5740.jpg th_LordMarvelSSJ14038.jpg th_LM3600057408000GMedium.jpg th_LM3600057408000SSMedium.jpg th_LordMarvel.jpg  photo LordMarvel2nd_zpsyslwc7sx.jpg  photo LordMarvelSpeciallyInspected15027EG_zps7rxnxiyb.jpg

Laurel and Motorist

th_LaurelAlpinistMedium.jpg th_LaurelJ14004Medium.jpg th_LaurelJ14022Medium.jpg th_LaurelJ14065.jpg th_4S24-0030.jpg Photobucket  photo LaurelS_zpsdsjwp9tf.jpg




th_Crown.jpg th_Crown15002Medium.jpg th_CrownJ14036Medium.jpg th_CrownJ14065Medium.jpg th_CrownJ15003EMedium.jpg th_CrownRibbedDialMedium.jpg th_Crown578010Medium.jpg Photobucket  photo CrownWave_zpss8irwadc.jpg

Crown Selfdater and Crown Special

th_CrownSpecialMedium.jpg th_CrownSelfdater.jpg Photobucket  photo J14100CrownSpecial_zps3b345927.jpg


th_GF15005Medium.jpg th_GFJ14060Medium.jpg th_Goldfeather15008E.jpg Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket  photo GoldfeatherJ15002E_zpss5o4uis5.jpg

Liner/ Liner Chronometer

th_Liner15001EMedium.jpg th_Liner15010EMedium.jpg th_LinerJ14067Medium.jpg th_LinerJ15001EMedium.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo LinerChronometer_zps8f41fdb0.jpg  photo Liner18K_zps0d5c6c26.jpg


th_SkylinerJ15006Medium.jpg th_Skyliner14092.jpg th_SkylinerJ15006E.jpg th_SkylinerCalJ15019Medium.jpg th_SkylinerCalendar.jpg th_Skyliner6102Medium.jpg th_Skyliner.jpg


th_Champion15025DEBlMedium.jpg th_ChampionJ14021Medium.jpg th_ChampionJ14105EMedium.jpg th_ChampionJ13077850Medium.jpg th_ChampionCalendar15032E.jpg th_Champion850Alpinist.jpg

395/400 Series

th_400Weekdater.jpg th_SMSelfdater400Medium.jpg th_SMJ13060395Medium.jpg th_SMJ13083Medium.jpg  photo J13060_zpsspsgeax0.jpg 

603 Seikomatic

th_SM15007D20jMedium.jpg th_SM15007D30jMedium.jpg th_SM15015Medium.jpg th_SM15031Medium.jpg th_SM15031DEGMedium.jpg th_SM15031DESSMedium.jpg th_SMJ14075DMedium.jpg th_SMJ14075DEMedium.jpg th_SMJ14075EMedium.jpg th_SMJ14099DEMedium.jpg th_SeikomaticJ13044Black.jpg th_Seikomatic20jJ14094D.jpg th_SeikomaticJ14075E.jpg th_SeikomaticJ14075.jpg th_J14074D.jpg th_Seikomatic15007D.jpg th_Seikomatic15007DE.jpg th_Seikomatic15031DE.jpg th_SeikomaticJ14075.jpg th_Seikomatic15031DE.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo SeikomaticJ14064D_zpsshygnlco.jpg  photo SeikomaticTag_zpsrlgraqqu.jpg

Seikomatic / 62 series

th_SelfdJ13062Medium.jpg th_SMSelfd15022DEMedium.jpg th_SMSelfDat15022EGMedium.jpg th_6201SilverWaveMedium.jpg th_Seiko62017010Medium.jpg th_Selfd62058000BlMedium.jpg th_Selfd62058960Medium.jpg th_6206-8040.jpg th_SM62068010Medium.jpg th_Seikomatic6206-8990.jpg th_Seikomatic6206-8980.jpg th_62068040BlMedium.jpg th_6218-8971.jpg th_SM6218Medium.jpg th_SeikomaticWP30J13004.jpg th_BlueYachtJ13034E.jpg th_603SilverWave.jpg th_Seikomatic6201-8950.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 6216-9000_zps8a8a6143.jpg


th_SportsmaticJ15035Medium.jpg th_Sportsmatic7625Medium.jpg th_SportsmaticCal15040DMedium.jpg th_Sportsmatic76258041Medium.jpg th_SportsmDX76067982Medium.jpg th_SportsmDX76197010Medium.jpg

66 Series / Sportsman 

th_669990NOSMedium.jpg th_66021990Medium.jpg th_66028050Medium.jpg th_Seahorse668980Medium.jpg th_Seiko668040Medium.jpg th_SportsmanCal6602Medium.jpg th_Sportsm66197001Medium.jpg th_Weekd66197001BlMedium.jpg th_Sportsman14083.jpg th_6606-8972Pepsi.jpg Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket  photo J15008ESportsman7_zps0d1cbc91.jpg  photo 6602-9982Sportsman_zpsd02a1d06.jpg  photo 6119-8090Expo70_zpsd4d02716.jpg  photo Sportsman14044_zpspzaiuyxn.jpg

622 Series

th_Skyliner62207970GMedium.jpg th_Skyliner62207990SSMedium.jpg th_Skyliner62225010Medium.jpg th_62208990Medium.jpg 

Seikomatic 8000

th_83055000Medium.jpg th_Sekomatic-R8305-1010.jpg th_83061000Medium.jpg th_83468020Medium.jpg th_SM8305SlimdateMedium.jpg th_SeikomaticSlimdate8305.jpg th_8346-8030.jpg  photo 8325-8000_zps7yqolikt.jpg 

Presmatic / 51 Series

th_Presmatic51467040Medium.jpg th_SMP51067010Medium.jpg th_SMP51068020Medium.jpg th_51069000Medium.jpg th_DX51397020Medium.jpg th_5146-7080.jpg


th_LM5606-7230.jpg th_LM5606-7090.jpg th_LM5606-5050.jpg th_56065211Medium.jpg th_LM56065011Medium.jpg th_LM56065011BlackMedium.jpg th_LM56065010WhMedium.jpg th_LM56066010Medium.jpg th_LM56067290Medium.jpg th_LM5605-5000.jpg th_5606-8040.jpg Photobucket  photo 5606-7231LM_zps81d2d1c1.jpg  photo 5216-7020LMSpecial_zps937a7198.jpg  photo 5606-7310LM_zps81ccba46.jpg

LM Special / LM DeLuxe

th_LMSpecial52066070Medium.jpg th_LMSpecial52166030Medium.jpg th_LMSpecial52167070Medium.jpg th_5626-8140.jpg Photobucket

King Seiko

th_KingSeiko44Medium.jpg th_KSHiBeat5626-5060.jpg th_56265029Medium.jpg th_KS4502Medium.jpg th_KS5625-7111.jpg th_KingSeiko44999.jpg th_5626-7000.jpg th_5626-7040.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 5621-7000KS_zpscd9bbae1.jpg  photo 45-8010KSSuperiorChronomeer_zps3bedc14b.jpg  photo 45-8000KS_zpsc6deaf80.jpg  photo 5245-6000KSSpecial_zpseb180491.jpg  photo 4420-9990KSChronometer_zps5a06f758.jpg  photo KingSeiko_zps7120ef2e.jpg photo 45-8010_zpsnly099j4.jpg  photo 5256-8000_zpsnlygbpev.jpg

Grand  Seiko

th_GS6145Medium.jpg th_GS6245Medium.jpg th_GS43999Medium.jpg   Photobucket Photobucket  photo 4522-7000GS_zps3e636b72.jpg  photo 4520-8000GS_zps7d93bfe1.jpg  photo 5722-9011GS_zps6bfbd07a.jpg  photo 6146-8020GS_zpsab5b32f9.jpg  photo 5645-8000GS_zps1072fa99.jpg  photo 6246-9000Chronometer_zpsdf367ac3.jpg  photo 4520-7000_zpsd2izc897.jpg  photo 6146-8010_zpsfbathvrf.jpg  photo 6145-8050_zpshgvn9lgy.jpg


th_Vanac5256-5000.jpg th_KSVanacSP52565000GrMedium.jpg th_KSVanac56267150Medium.jpg th_KSVANACSp52566000Medium.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo 5246-6030VanacSpecial_zpsddfffb15.jpg  photo 5626-7140Vanac_zps8f2e65c7.jpg  photo 5206-5400KSSpecial_zpsf8362e7c.jpg  photo 5626-7150_zpsq0j1f46g.jpg

Advan / Actus

th_Advan6106-7551.jpg th_Advan70197240BluMedium.jpg th_Advan70197280Medium.jpg th_Advan70197310RedMedium.jpg th_Actus70198010Medium.jpg th_Advan7039-7000.jpg th_Advan7019-7320.jpg th_7019-6070Calendar.jpg th_7019-6050.jpg th_Actus5.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

7000 Series

th_70057001Medium.jpg th_SeikoA70018009Medium.jpg th_SeikoA70098060Medium.jpg th_SeikoAuto7625Medium.jpg th_Seahorse76258030Medium.jpg th_7625-1991.jpg  photo 7019-6040_zps83e149aa.jpg

7S Series

Photobucket Photobucket

DX / 61 Series

th_DX61065467Medium.jpg th_DX61065470Medium.jpg th_DX61067720Medium.jpg th_DX61068040Medium.jpg th_DX61068040BlMedium.jpg th_61195000GreyMedium.jpg th_61065009Medium.jpg th_6119-7400.jpg th_6106-5400.jpg th_6106-54102.jpg th_6106-54103.jpg th_6106-5410.jpg th_6106-5419.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo 6106-7549_zps4cb11d85.jpg

63 Series

th_63095030Medium.jpg th_6349503AMedium.jpg th_Seiko63088020Medium.jpg  


th_BM40066011Medium.jpg th_BM40067001Medium.jpg th_Bellmatic4006-6060.jpg

GMT / Duotime

th_WorldtimeMedium.jpg th_NavigatorMedium.jpg th_Duotime5619-7010.jpg th_6217-7000WorldTime.jpg th_NavigatorTimer6117-8000.jpg th_6117-8000.jpg  photo 6117-6409_zpssvobfmoq.jpg

5000 Series Chronos

th_5717ChronoMedium.jpg Photobucket Photobucket 

6000 Series Chronos

th_61397070Medium.jpg  photo 6139-6000Pogue_zps09621c11.jpg th_61398050Medium.jpg th_Chrono61388030Medium.jpg th_6138-0040SpeedmasterBullhead.jpg th_6138-8020.jpg th_6139-7060.jpg th_6139-7050.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo 6138-0020_zpsabf2cc25.jpg  photo 6139-6009_zpsa6cf9e61.jpg  photo 6139-6002_zps291d1928.jpg  photo 6139-6040_zps4353af6f.jpgth_SpeedT61398020Medium.jpg

7000 Series Chronos

th_TimesonarMedium.jpg th_TimeSonar7015-6010.jpg th_70165020Medium.jpg th_70167000Medium.jpg th_70176040Medium.jpg th_7017-6050.jpg Photobucket

Sports /  Pilot

th_61068100Medium.jpg th_6119-7163Sports5.jpg th_6119-8121.jpg th_6119-8300.jpg th_5126-8100.jpg Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket  photo 6119-6050Sports_zpsd25e7013.jpg  photo 4R38-00H0LtdEd50thAnniv_zpsa7d0e0a2.jpg

7S Sports Reissues

th_7S36-0070.jpg th_7S36-0060.jpg th_7S36-0050.jpg  photo 7S36-0050Sports_zps28f83cfc.jpg  photo 7S36-008ASports_zpse001d723.jpg  photo 7S36-006ASports_zpsc1e0b527.jpg  photo 7S36-0050Sports2_zps13fd846f.jpg  photo 7S36-0060Sports_zpsf168eb28.jpg  photo 7S36-0080Sports_zps377f4b62.jpg


th_7S25-00D0.jpg th_621762MAS.jpg th_7005-8052.jpg th_6309DiverMedium.jpg th_7025-8099.jpg th_6105-8119.jpg  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 6159-7001_zps901268cc.jpg  photo 7S36-04P0Stargate_zpsd8605fcf.jpg  photo 6R15-01D0Shogun_zps4b966b88.jpg  photo 7005-8052_zpsc4240a6c.jpg  photo 6R15-02T0_zpskyx5yu4t.jpg  photo 6R15-02K0_zps3tetqz2u.jpg  photo Dagaz300_zps4avhbxyz.jpg

Quartz and  Kinetic Divers and Dive Computers

th_5M62-0BL0.jpg th_V1450AA0Medium.jpg th_6458-600B.jpg th_5M43-0A40.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo M725-5A00ScubaMaster_zps498868fd.jpg  photo H558-5009Arnie_zps740ef50e.jpg  photo 7C46-0AA01000m_zps77cbc5c7.jpg  photo 7549-7000600m_zps3ef763ae.jpg


th_EL370Medium.jpg th_Elnix702Medium.jpg th_Elnix723Medium.jpg th_3102-7000.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket


th_0920-8010QZ.jpg th_7559-6010.jpg th_Dolce5S21-5A20.jpg th_2628-004A.jpg th_8S23-6050Solar.jpg Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

38 Series  Quartz

Photobucket th_3863-7010.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 7N01-0FM0MovingDesgn_zpsfa73be5f.jpg

Quartz  Chronos 

th_MacchinaSportiva.jpg th_7T32-7D60.jpg th_7T32-6J70Titanium.jpg th_7T32-6E90.jpg th_7T34-6A80.jpg th_7T52-6A10.jpg th_7T22-6A0B.jpg th_7T920CA0Medium.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket th_Y187-7A30.jpg

Quartz  Other Multifunction 

Photobucket Photobucket th_WorldTimer5T52.jpg th_8M258000Medium.jpg th_6M26-8050.jpg th_H021-8040.jpg Photobucket th_H556-510B2.jpg th_H711-0A10.jpg th_H801-6040Fieldmaster.jpg th_SGS005PSports150.jpg th_SpiritWorldTime6M15.jpg th_GreatBluePerpetual.jpg th_6F24-701ATide.jpg Photobucket

7A28 /  7A38

Photobucket th_7A28-7020.jpg th_7A38-6040.jpg th_7A28-7050.jpg th_7A38-6020.jpg  photo 7T12-0AG0GiugiaroLtdEd_zpsadd91236.jpg

LCD Quartz

th_PulseMeterS240-400A.jpg th_C359-5000Calculator.jpg th_RunningMan.jpg th_TalkingWatchMedium.jpg th_WristtalkA964-4A0A.jpg th_ReceptorPager.jpg th_W524-4A00.jpg th_D138-5030.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo S822-00A0_zps1bazrdmy.jpg

Grand  Quartz / King Quartz / Quartz VFA / Quartz GS / Superior / Other HEQ

th_9943-8010GrandQuartz.jpg th_VFAQuartz.jpg th_9256-7000GrandQuartz.jpg th_KingQuartzMedium.jpg th_9581-7000GS.jpg th_3823-7000VFA-1.jpg th_3823-7000VFA.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 9481-5000Superior_zpsed307d7a.jpg



Alpinist /  4S / 6R / 6S / 4L / 8L Series

th_Alpinist6R15Medium.jpg th_4S35-8000.jpg th_6R15-00A0.jpg th_4S12-0010.jpg th_4S12-0010SUS.jpg th_8F56-00D0.jpg th_4M15-6010.jpg th_5M42-0E00.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 6R15-01K0Alpinist2_zps44d3bd37.jpg  photo 6R15-01K0Alpinist_zps30804618.jpg  photo 4S15-7020SUS_zps568839bd.jpg  photo 4S35-8000_zps2653cdb2.jpg  photo 6S28-00B0Phoenix_zpsf2e2da2a.jpg  photo 8L35-00D0_zps85620092.jpg  photo 6R15-00W0_zpsba088d4b.jpg  photo 6R15-00B0Spark_zps01ee1234.jpg  photo 6R15-01N0LtdEd_zps78c37445.jpg  photo 6R15-02L0LtdEd100yr_zps5860ccb0.jpg  photo 6R15-01S0_zpsb3bc9187.jpg  photo 6R15-00D0_zpsdbddxjnj.jpg


th_5M42-0E39.jpg th_5M42-0F30.jpg th_5M42-0E50.jpg th_5M25-6A10AGS.jpg th_5M45-6A00Landmaster.jpg th_5M22-6010.jpg th_5M23-6A60.jpg th_5M23-6B402.jpg th_5M23-6B403.jpg th_5M23-6B40.jpg th_5M45-5A00.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


 photo SeikoThermic_zpsa6216e8a.jpg


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Ladies watches

th_SeikomaticLady.jpg th_1944-0012Hibeat.jpg th_2559-0020.jpg Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo 1944Chronometer_zpse4a48e31.jpg  photo 1964GS_zps4f2dff31.jpg  photo QueenSeiko_zps00aqzv1j.jpg

Kids watches

th_MickeyMouse.jpg th_Disneytime5000-6030.jpg th_SchooltimeMedium.jpg  photo DisneyTimeKingLouie_zpsylpkvswk.jpg 

Pocket  Watches

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket th_Seiko66029010Medium.jpg th_Marvel17000.jpg th_GoldfeatherPocket.jpg Photobucket  photo SeikoshaRW_zpskkwjce1h.jpg  photo ShinkansenAnniv_zpsvkbdn6dz.jpg  photo CronosPocket_zps904ahbzy.jpg  photo GolfPocket_zps9uthbw1a.jpg  photo 9119-0040RW_zpsse0qa4ay.jpg

Alba,  Wired, Issey Miyake

Photobucket th_7T92-0EP0.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo ThinkEarth_zpshr78wbsy.jpg  photo V732-0J30_zps4gjnrhlt.jpg

Alarm  Clocks, Clocks and Stopwatches

th_CoronaAlarm.jpg th_PyratalkQuartz.jpg th_QuartzStopwatch.jpg th_RailroadStopwatch.jpg Photobucket Photobucket  photo SeikoPuppetAlarm_zpse96faf56.jpg  photo 89StopwatchSet_zpsca327e99.jpg  photo 8941-5000STW_zpsnfmap16r.jpg  photo SeikoshaAlarm_zpsc8ip5roc.jpg

Quartz  Timing Chronometers


th_CronosSDBox.jpg th_GoldfeatherBox.jpg th_GSBox.jpg  th_ModernMastersBox.jpg th_SeikomaticBox.jpg th_SuperiorTwinBox.jpg  Photobucket  Photobucket   photo ChampionSet_zps64a3018e.jpg


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Merchandise  and Accessories

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  photo ActusCloth_zpsdaccabf6.jpg  photo 1968Prize_zps6b5c8d66.jpg  photo Tags_zpssvod4gnj.jpg

Repair  Sets

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Catalogs  and Newsletters

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